Sole Christmas

Christmas with a Little Soul

The best Christmas music will always be Soul, and thus (as if under a miraculous star), this playlist was born. Perfected by (the bloody awful) Phil Spector with ‘A Christmas Gift For You’, it’s a style that was as fine when Ella was in charge as it was when the late, great Sharon Jones was breathing new life into classics.

Sure, some will argue the Rat Pack are the gang to hang out with at Christmas, but do yourself a favour and find yourself and your loved ones a little Soul this Christmas. There’s Jazz and Blues flavors thrown in here for variety of course, but the Soul flows throughout.

This is a playlist that definitely needs that Shuffle button working. There are entire albums worth of material here by greats like James Brown, Stevie Wonder and the Jackson 5. Full disclosure: it gets a bit samey without shuffling it up.

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