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Kappa Trackies & Guitars Please, Mum

The very best of ’90s Indie and Britpop playlist.

Who won the Britpop battle between Oasis and Blur? I’d have called it Blur, but this ’90s Indie and Britpop playlist hands the W to Oasis by 13 tracks to 9. Elsewhere you’ll find the usual suspects alongside oft-forgotten classics by Bentley Rhythm Ace and The Auteurs, while folks like Robbie Williams and Paul Weller get a nod because as much as folks try, there’s no denying their part in defining the sound and feel of the freewheelin’ 1990s Brit Pop sound.

The indie flip side to our downtempo, Electronica and Trip Hop playlist ‘Late Night on Channel Four’, this one is the sound of lively afternoons down the park, kicking a ball around, or singing in the mirror before another Big Night Out.

Drop this one on shuffle, slip on some Kappa or Sergio Tacchini, grab a bottle of 20/20, Buckfast, or Hooch and relive the best music of the ’90s once again.

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