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Late Night on Channel Four: ‘Got Any Rizla?’

This playlist of Trip Hop & Electronica is the soundtrack to late night TV back in the early 2000s when ‘council telly’ in the UK brought five channels of televisual choice for those unable or unwilling to stump up the cash for Sky or cable. Thankfully, there was one shining light of culture; late night on Channel 4. Those nights inspired this Spotify playlist.

From the art house cinema and foreign films running into the wee hours with sponsorship from a crap lager, to the brazen comedy of ‘Eurotrash’, ‘Spaced’, ‘Garth Marenghi…’, or ‘So… Graham Norton’, everything available after the watershed on Channel 4 was dialled in for an audience with few plans to get off their couch. The soundtrack to it all was a semi-stoned thrum of Trip Hop, Electronica, and groove-heavy beats exemplified best by the omnipresent Moby, but branching out to include everything from J Dilla to The Orb.

Sit back, dim the lights, and find your downer of choice before hitting Shuffle on this heady Trip Hop and Electronica playlist of early ’00s classics.

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