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Psychotic Reaction – A Punk History Playlist

A Punk history playlist. Beginning in the mid-60s with the Proto-Punk of Count Five & The Sonics and running through to the early 80s flourishes of Post-Punk with early numbers by The Fall & Gang of Four. This Punk Spotify playlist tracks the roots, short life, and dissolution of the Punk movement in the US & UK. Showing that it’s so much more than safety pins and a snotty attitude, we get love songs, social commentary, and unbridled Pop. It’s truly innovative music that changed the trajectory of everything that would come after.

Designed as a musical history lesson as much as a rockin’ listen, this is one where it’s best to hit play on Track One and the enjoy the ride. The simple philosophy of “1-2-3-4!” Just doesn’t work on shuffle and neither does this playlist of Punk history.

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